Optical Glasses

iPhone 12 and its glass-ceramic shield

Corning’s new iPhone shied is made of a novel nano glass-ceramic. It consists of nanocrystals embedded within the glassy matrix. The crystals are smaller than the wavelength of light and refractive index-matched to the glass. That’s why the material is highly transparent, unlike other glass-ceramics. Furthermore, the crystals form interlocked structures that result in high …

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Chalcogenide Glasses

Source: laserfocusworld.com By Gernot WeberWorldwide Product Manager IR Glass at SCHOTT. E-mail: gernot.weber@schott.com.www.schott.com. For decades, chalcogenide infrared (IR) glasses (chalcogenides) were considered “exotics.” For the rather-small number of applications that relied on IR wavelengths, other IR materials performed well. As a result, demand for chalcogenides was quite limited. Low demand for the material restricted producers to small …

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