The Glass Age

Special Issue on Biomaterials

An urgent demand for ideal biomaterials has been considerably increasing across the world over the last decades and has been even more significant these days. This special issue of the Iranian Journal of Materials Science and Engineering (IJMSE) aims to publish the recent advances in fundamental researches on biomaterials and their forefront of applications. We …

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Robocasting of Bioactive Glass

Research by Prof. Del Day, Prof. Len Rahaman and Prof. Dick Brow has targeted the development of bioactive glasses and bioceramics to repair bone, heal soft tissue wounds and eradicate infection. A challenge has been to develop bioactive glass scaffolds with the requisite mechanical reliability and microstructure to heal large defects in structural bone. Research …

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Liquid glass: a new state of matter

Using tailor-made colloids and confocal microscopy, Roller et al. study the effect of shape on the glass transition in 3D suspensions of ellipsoidal colloids. Experimental data, supporting simulations, and a theoretical analysis reveal a unique state: liquid glass. In liquid glasses, orientational degrees of freedom are frozen whereas translation is free. Global nematic order is …

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