Workshop on Raman Spectroscopy
Dr. Benjamin J A Moulton
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We Live in The Glassy Age
A concept introduced by Corning Inc.
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International Year of Glass 2022
Proposed by the International Commission on Glass (ICG)
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BioMin F

Biomin F receives FDA 510K approval – the first-ever fluoride-containing bio-glass toothpaste in the USA. This is a huge breakthrough. It consequently becomes the first

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The background image shows the production line of SCHOTT cooktop panel made of glass-ceramic.

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Group Members


Scientific Writing

Editing scientific paper including language and content editing.

Search Litreture

Performing on-line patent, literature, properties, and data searches.

Proposal Development

To collaborate with companies or apply for funding.

Seminars and Courses

For students, companies, and our community.