In this webinar, we will teach you how to write a literature review paper. We will discuss the following topics in 3 hours (2 hours in Persian and 1 hour in English):
The reason for writing a review paper. Which of these “students/professors” and “junior/senior” are you?
Defining topic and audiences.
How to search the literature?
How to take notes when we read articles?
Which type of review we should prepare?
How to make the review focused?
How to follow a logical structure?
How to add your research?
How to add your critiques and comments?
How to refer and mention the names?
How to collaborate internationally?
How to perform English editing?
How to choose a journal?
How to prepare high-quality Figures/illustrations?
How to prepare tables?
How to get permission?
Example of proposal writing: How to prepare and submit proposals to Chemical Reviews, International Materials Review, and Progress in Materials Science?

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