An urgent demand for ideal biomaterials has been considerably increasing across the world over the last decades and has been even more significant these days. This special issue of the Iranian Journal of Materials Science and Engineering (IJMSE) aims to publish the recent advances in fundamental researches on biomaterials and their forefront of applications. We invite contributors from all around the world to submit their original studies in the form of full-length research articles, short communications, and review articles on topics ranging from developing conventional metallic, ceramic, and polymeric biomaterials to investigating more sophisticated hybrids, composites, coatings, scaffolds, bio-devices, etc. The topics of interest are broad, multidisciplinary, and include many different aspects of biomaterials science and technology, for example, those covered by the keywords listed below.

Metallic, ceramic and polymeric biomaterials
Bioactive materials and substances
3D printing and additive manufacturing of biomaterials
Biomaterials for soft tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Bone and tooth tissue engineering
Microporous, mesoporous, and nanoporous biomaterials
Biomaterials for drug delivery
Hybrid biomaterials and composites
Bio-sensors and devices
Nanomaterials and nanoparticles for advanced therapies and theranostics