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Materials Kinetics: Transport and Rate Phenomena By John C. Mauro Covers the full breadth of materials kinetics, including organic and inorganic materials, solids and liquids, theory and experiments, macroscopic and microscopic interpretations, and analytical and computational approaches buy it online Fundamentals of Inorganic Glasses: 3rd Edition By َArun K. Varshneya & John C. Mauro Clearly …

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Biosilicate®/F18 glass scaffolds

This study evaluated the gene expression profile of the human adipose‐derived stem cells (hASCs) grown on the Biosilicate®/F18 glass scaffolds. It demonstrated that gene expression of hASCs grown on the scaffold surface showed significantly increased gene expression related to hASCs cultured with the ionic extract or the osteogenic medium, evidencing that the BioS‐2P/F18 scaffolds have …

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iPhone 12 and its glass-ceramic shield

Corning’s new iPhone shied is made of a novel nano glass-ceramic. It consists of nanocrystals embedded within the glassy matrix. The crystals are smaller than the wavelength of light and refractive index-matched to the glass. That’s why the material is highly transparent, unlike other glass-ceramics. Furthermore, the crystals form interlocked structures that result in high …

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